Days 15 to 18 (Catching Up)

15-18 copy

My “drawings-a-day” have dwindled to something like “a-drawing-every-three-days-then-try-to-catch-up-with-four-a-day”…  nonetheless, I’m determined to finish up by the end of the month.  So here are the last four days’ worth (days 15 through 18).

Day 15: A Family Picture

My great-grandmother, Lucille.


Day 16: Inspiration

Last month my Porkchop portraits were part of an art show, the first I’ve entered (many more to come, I hope). When I arrived at the opening this badge was waiting for me. It’s become a little wrinkled while riding around in my purse for several weeks.  Should I admit here in pseudo-public that I’ve kept it in there for much needed inspiration while slogging away at spreadsheets and filing? Well there, I’ve admitted it.


Day 17: My Favorite Plant

My favorite plant at the moment is this little jade plant clipping which has just begun sprouting roots.  I’ve killed a cactus or two in my time, so the fact that this little guy is pushing on makes me quite happy.


Day 18: Just a Doodle (or two)

One of my favorite subjects to doodle.


I’m off to complete a few more sketches.  Still to come: Something New, Something Orange, Something I Want and Something I Miss….


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