Remember the Drawing-a-Day Challenge?

Well, if anyone was counting, I still had three more sketches to post.  Considering one whole month has passed since the challenge was finished, I thought I’d better finish posting.  Also, I’m a little out of order… day 26 will be up tomorrow and days 27 & 28 have already been posted.

So, here is Day 29: Somewhere I’d like to go…  Scotland (with several things I’d like to see while there).


While sketching this (poorly drawn) map of Scotland I discovered that I know very little about the place.  Here are a few things I learned along the way:

– Scotland – very difficult to draw.

– The national animal is a unicorn.

– I knew the national poet, Robert Burns, was a wicked awesome wordsmith… turns out he wasn’t bad looking either.  Don’t take my silly sketch as evidence, check him out yourself.

– My map making skills are very poor.

So then, tomorrow will (finally) finish up these challenge posts with “Something I Don’t Like” and a “Congratulations on Completing the Challenge” banner.



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