Winter Break

The first semester is complete and I’m in the middle of winter break! The funny thing about my first semester of art school – no time to make art.

At the end of Drawing 1 our work was reviewed and there were three major suggestions: sketch more, work on color theory, and try as many types of media as we can. With that in mind I’ve been trying to put these weeks off to good use.

I’ve tried my hand at oil pastels…

Blue Apple - oil pastels

My sketchbook comes with me on the bus each day…

Lady with Glasses on the Bus Man on the Bus Woman on Bus in Front of Pole Woman on Bus with Ponytail

Also, I’ve taken advantage of the amazing school library and have been reading up on color theory.

Thanks to an extremely generous gift from a friend (a big! box of supplies) I have a few media that are new to me (oils, pen & ink, and oil pastels).  You can see my shot at oil pastels above, and I’m hoping to give the oils & inks a try too (which I’ll will post here if I have any success).

So, all-in-all, the first half of break has been productive and useful.


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