A Short Animation on Food and Memory

The process of making one’s traditional food is a deliberate act of remembrance, honor, and connection. It naturally brings to mind the family we shared these foods with. It requires us to pay attention to ingredients and sequence, especially if we want it to turn out “just like Grandma made it”. By devoting the time, attention, and love that goes into this process we intentionally renew and strengthen our connection to family, culture, and history. We honor this connection each time we go through this ritual.

Part of my heritage is Ruthenian, a people from the Carpathian Mountains, and one of our traditional foods is ruskie pierogi. My grandma used to prepare them for my grandpa, and I always loved to eat them too. She passed away a month ago, proceeded by him many years before. Losing her has been difficult for me. I have felt the loss more acutely because my dad died suddenly and unexpectedly less than three years before. I am only beginning to process his absence. Like making my traditional food, creating this animation was a process to help me remember, honor, and connect. Though painful at times, I found my feelings unfolding while making it. In the end, it is more of a happy piece, one of recreating, than one of loss.

So, here it is, I hope you enjoy and go share a meal with the people you love.

p.s. It’s better with the sound on!


2 thoughts on “Pierogi

  1. Lisa, this is fantastic. I even got teary eyed at the ending. You did a fantastic job !! Congrats!

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