The Lovely Ms. Gidget


This is a story about a life that was almost lost.  It’s the story of Gidget, my friend’s dog…one of the sweetest, most loving dogs I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.  She’s always ready for a cuddle and would gladly spend her time warming any human’s heart. 


Gidget spent the first part of her life in a kennel, ending up on death row…just because someone decided she wasn’t good enough to live, or that no one would want her so she didn’t deserve to exist. She learned to be afraid of most things, and people, and was in a kennel so long she could barely move her back legs, which were so weak she had to practically drag them. 

But the Universe granted her a second chance. She’s found herself in a wonderful home with a loving and generous human and a (overly-)welcoming big brother to boot.  Add to this a constant stream of warm and caring friends, and you might imagine how she has grown.  She was soon following her brother around the dog park, boldly introducing herself to other dogs and learning bad habits from a certain Jack Russell Terrier.  She has proven to be quite the keeper of her own backyard and, recently, a very charming hostess. With all of this, and some expert training, she has truly blossomed. 

It amazes me still that such a beautiful life was so nearly extinguished, and that the world would have had a little less love and a little less joy. Ultimately, hers is a story of how we shouldn’t take any life for granted, or any bit of goodness. It’s a reminder of how the smallest body can house a great soul. It’s a reminder that even the simplest part of existance can brighten the world…and that’s what she does each and every day that she lives.



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