And…I’m back!

It’s been a while, but I’m finally getting back to the blog!  First, let me explain the absence…it was for a good reason.  I’m going to art school! 

After working hard to finish a portfolio, applying and getting accepted (yaroo!), and searching all summer for a place to live…Porkchop and I have moved to Boston so I can begin studies at Massachusetts College of Art and Design. 


The first two weeks in our new city have been intense.  For me it’s meant a new job (that I’m feeling pretty good about), learning to navigate public transport and parallel parking (eek!), and going back to school (as, I’m pretty sure, the oldest student at the school).  For us both it means a new home (with a roommate),  new sounds, new people and dogs, and finding new places for our walkies. 




The good news is, I’m loving Boston, and after my very first day of classes, I think I’ll love being back at school…especially when it means making art. 

So, what does this mean for the blog?  Time will be limited, but I hope to keep this place updated with school work and personal projects, as well as bits and bobs of daily life in Boston. Is this something you’d like to see?  If so, stick around!


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